What We Know

The Facts:


Louisiana’s long-term prosperity depends on the caliber of its single most important economic asset—its people.

Early Care and Education is both a workforce productivity and workforce development issue.

     Workforce Productivity:

  • Access to high quality, affordable early care and education is critical to ensuring working parents’ productivity and ability to get skills training.

  • 66% of children birth through age 5 in Louisiana have both parents, or their single parent, in the workforce.

  • Child care costs almost as much as a public college tuition.

  • According to national studies, the average employee misses 8-9 days/year due to child care related absences.

  • Louisiana has cut its Child Care Assistance Program by 70% in 8 years—from serving over 40,000 to under 12,500                       children.

  • Louisiana currently spends  less than 1/2 of 1% of our State General Funds on early care and education.

     Workforce Development:

  • Investing in quality early care and education is critical to building a skilled workforce essential to Louisiana’s future.

  • High quality early learning programs are important because 80% of brain development happens between birth and age three, establishing a strong or weak foundation for all learning that follows.

  • Children who begin school behind, generally remain behind.

  • In Louisiana, almost 50% of children enter kindergarten already behind.



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce cites a return-on-investment of as much as 8-to- 1 for each $1 invested in high quality early childhood programs.

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