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School Readiness Tax Credits Background
The School Readiness Tax Credits (SRTC) are a creative package of tax credits providing economic incentives to improve the quality of early care and education in early learning centers statewide. The tax credits, started in 2008, are unique to Louisiana and have received national recognition. In addition to the invaluable support they provide the state's child care industry, they have also been used as a state match drawing down over $80,000,000 in federal dollars through the Child Care and Development Fund Block Grant.  
The SRTC are comprised of 4 tax credits:
School Readiness Tax Credits for Businesses
School Readiness Tax Credit for Child Care Teachers/Directors
School Readiness Tax Credit for Parents/Families
School Readiness Tax Credit for Child Care Providers
For additional background on the credits for Child Care Teachers/Directors, Parents/Families and Child Care Providers, click here:
Additional Resources on the Louisiana School Readiness Tax Credits:
Report by the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children: Giving Credit Where It's Due-School Readiness Tax Credits Benefit Louisiana Families and Communities 
Handout on the Louisiana School Readiness Tax Credits
Louisiana’s Quality Start website:
Louisiana Department of Revenue:
(Be sure to scroll down the page for specific info about the tax credits. The links at the top of the page listing the tax credits will take you back to the Department's home page. )
Early Childhood Finance website: (type “School Readiness Tax Credits” in the search bar)
Report by the National Women's Law Center:  Extra Credit: How Louisiana Is Improving Child Care
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