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March Newsletter

With the 2024 legislative session in full swing, we’d like to keep you all informed on our activities. As a leading member of the Ready Louisiana Coalition, our primary focus this session is maintaining current investment. With Congress’ failure to replace relief funds for child care, there remain more than 100,000 unserved in-need children, birth to age 3, in the state. While we implore the legislature to maintain last year’s appropriated funds, we also want them to understand that without further investment, too many Louisiana families will not have access to affordable, quality child care and too many children will arrive at kindergarten behind. Our Coalition is urging legislators to invest by:


  • Appropriate an additional $115 million to expand access to high-quality early care and education for more in-need children by 2032, as previously recommended by the bipartisan Louisiana Early Childhood Care and Education Commission; 

  • Appropriate at least $31 million in one-time funds to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund, which matches local investments in early care and education dollar-for-dollar, to ensure the success of the program for another year and serve thousands of children in communities across the state; and

  • Ensure that future Legislatures keep the dollar-for-dollar promise to local governments by modifying the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund statute to require matching state appropriations are made every year.


If you are interested in receiving weekly updates during the legislative session, please feel free to sign up for membership in the Ready Louisiana Coalition by contacting Candace Weber, PhD at


Early Ed Day at the Capitol is May 21, 2024.  With Early Ed Day WIith Early Ed Day at the Capitol around the corner, we offer you the opportunity to look at our sponsorship packet. To become an Early Ed Day at the Capitol sponsor, click here to make your sponsorship payment online by April 30, 2024. 

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