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Babies in Playroom

March Newsletter

Dear Friends and Partners,

With the 2023 legislative session just around the corner, we’d like to keep you all informed on our activities. As a leading member of the Ready Louisiana Coalition, our primary focus this session is going to be funding. Right now, the state is facing a child care fiscal cliff, with 16,000 child care seats in danger of being lost as federal funds expire this July. Our Coalition is urging legislators to save those seats by:


  • Appropriating $200 million of ongoing state money to child care access

  • Expanding access to 9,000 more children by appropriating an additional $115 million as recommended by the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission 

  • Appropriating 10% of recognized excess funds to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund, which matches local investments in early care and education dollar-for-dollar.


Thank you for advocating on behalf of young children and families in Louisiana because for us to geaux far, we must geaux together.

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